About Corey


Corey Butler currently serves as the Musical Director of the Juno Award winning Toronto Mass Choir. He has written songs with Grammy Award winning Hall of Fame inductee Carvin Winans and has played with some of the finest musicians and singers in Toronto including Jackie Richardson and Andrew Craig.

Corey is also a music professor in the Music Industry Arts Performance (MIAP) program at Centennial College and one of the course directors of the York University Gospel Choir at York University. He continues to make a mark on the music industry in Canada having produced the Toronto Mass Choir’s 1st Christmas album, “A Christmas Gift”, and their most recent album, “Made For Worship”, both of which have won multiple GMA Covenant awards.

In addition to his skills as a piano player, musical director and producer, Butler also regularly conducts a 50+ piece symphony orchestra that had played compositions by himself and others from around the world such as Camp Kirkland, particularly during the Easter and Christmas seasons. You can also hear some of his compositions on some of the recording he's produced.

To that end he has gained a reputation in that arena and is affectionately called 'The Maestro'.


In 2004, Corey founded a not for profit organization called ZAMAR MUSIC PRODUCTIONS INC. primarily to feature his work as a composer and to offer opportunities to youth for mentorship through Music.

Corey has a passion for composing music and producing concerts that address the social and cultural issues we face within our communities. With that said, Zamar Music Productions Inc. was established to affect the lives of underprivileged and marginalized people by exposing them to music and musical opportunities and to establish musical development programs for children and youth, allowing them to be exposed to a medium of expression they wouldn't normally be exposed to.

By being a multi-faceted organization, Zamar Music Productions Inc. effectively accomplishes this by placing its focus in 3 main areas. Entertainment | Education | Production.


Over the years, Corey has mentored many young musicians and continues to do so at the College and University levels. He has a heart and passion to see the legacy of great musicianship and musical literacy continue throughout Toronto, especial within his ethic community.